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No question about it, I love facials! 1000facials.com presents a slightly different approach to the whole cum-soaked face genre by offering a perverted form of counter: one new girl splattered with jizz every week until the goal of 1000 facials is reached. Little is known about what is going to happen once they reach 1000 (will the site close down, will the goal be readjusted to 10000, or will it be the end of the world?), but since the current count is at 215 we will have to wait another 13 years or so before Doomsday is here. Taglines and site concept aside, the preview area of 1000 Facials actually has me a bit confused. For a site supposedly all devoted to facials, there really aren’t too many pictures of them to be seen. The girls on the page sure are good looking and stylish, but the big pictures mostly just show their faces, no jizz included! Scrolling down the page there are actually a few severely cum-soaked faces at the bottom which reassures me of the site’s intentions a bit, and I proceed to check out the sample movies. The sample clips are in high-quality 640×480 resolution and last about 30 seconds each. Unfortunately, they all seem to continue the trend of showing very little actual facial action. The girls are undressed and fucked good, but the movie fades out before the finish. Oh well, there might be more.

cum on face

Image courtesy of 1000 Facials Com.

The first thing visible inside 1000 Facial’s member’s area is a collage of 12 goo drenched faces, all looking at me while smiling behind a flood of thick man paste. Very reassuring indeed! Another thing I instantly like is that each scene is described really well and with plenty of text, which sets the site apart from all the pay sites I’ve seen just listing sets with the name of the models and a short “This slut loves to suck cock”. Let’s head on to the scenes, of which there are currently over 200. Each scene consists of a 25-30 minute long video available in 4 different formats: 60 MB Low quality WMV, 120 MB Medium quality WMV, 140 MB High Quality MPG, and 256 MB DVD Quality WMV. In addition, scenes can be downloaded as 4-5 minute clips. To complement the videos, every scene is also represented by a corresponding picture set, containing somewhere between 1-300 images in 1500×1100 resolution or higher. Both images and videos are very crisp and leave little to be desired as far as quality goes. I absolutely love the facial shots here, which are definitely very messy in most cases even though they typically involve only one guy doing the shooting. Apart from the facial which usually takes up about 20% of the scene’s running time, we get plenty of oral action, a little bit of stripping and teasing, and a fair amount of straight fucking thrown into the mix as well.

Summing up 1000 Facials, I would have to say that I like this site a lot. Hundreds of hours of exclusive no filler content, all high quality messy facial shots and gorgeous girls. Still, I’m not sure I would recommend this site to every single facial lover out there, because I believe it depends on what you think of the facial versus fucking ratio. 1000 Facials is a fairly mixed site, where the facial blasts are mixed up nicely with hardcore fucking and even softcore posing. If you are ok with such a mix, then you will most likely love this site. If however, you came for non-stop, repeated cumshots by several guys at the same time and you’re really not interested in non-cum-content at all, you may become a little disappointed. One thing to keep in mind about this site is the fact that you also get access to seven other very high-quality sites, ranging from threesome oral action at Share My Cock to deep anal penetrations at Meat My Ass. There is also an interview site called XXX Pillow Talk included in the mix, featuring pretty interesting 15-20 minute long interviews with the stars of 1000 Facials answering questions on everything from their favorite food to what their most kinky sex ever was.

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Cindy Starfall

Vietnamese model Cindy Starfall at the end of her blowjob scene.