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Have you ever heard of Angeles City? It is a town on Luzon, the main island of The Philippines. Back after World War II the American Army operated an airforce base on adjacent Clark airport with many thousand American GIs. Of course those marines and other soldiers needed some quality spare time entertainment. A red-light district in Angeles City emerged. This is why Angeles City is so well known: It’s the biggest adult entertainment strip in The Philippines specially geared at Western tourists who seek the company of sexy Filipina women for a night or more.

filipina amateur bargirl

Cute Filipina amateur recruited from a bar in respectful glamour pinup

In 1993 AC as they call the city in short gained even more traction as bars of the Malate red-light district in Manila were closing down and the owners moved their operations up North. From 1995 the partnership of an American expat and a British travel agent started to promote the adult businesses online while the first travel and sex tourism sites emerged. TSM Travel and GotoPhil brought thousands of single gentlemen to Angeles to spend their sex vacations inside the bars along the tourist district spreading down half a Mile along Fields Avenue and A. Santos Street (Blowroad).

Of course, this brought a lot of business minded entrepreneurs, too. Photographers arrived to shoot nudes for adult magazines. With the arrival of camcorders and digi cams many websites were created here with the purpose to showcase Filipina women as models on cybersex sites.

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Many of them closed down in the meantime with talent being harder to recruit and governments getting tougher on internet taxation of transnational transactions. Amateur Asian Bargirls is no longer a paysite with sets of Asian amateur castings of spotlight models but a blog of current and former bargirl talents. Still, a good source of sexy Filipina women. The images represents a fine average sample of Angeles City bargirls.

manila ass

Inviting pose of a Filipina coed in Manila