Asian Parade

Alright, I’ll go ahead and say it right away: I don’t have an asian fetish. Still, I was chosen to review this site, and I’m not saying I cannot appreciate the oriental flavor at all. I’m simply saying that if a site featuring erotic Asian chicks wants to impress me it better try damn hard, because unlike some friends of mine, I won’t be sitting with my tongue glued to the table simply because there are some Japanese or Vietnamese ladies present. The guest area of Asian Parade comes in an interesting red background color and shows off some fairly impressive Oriental butt. If we are to believe the flags on top of the page, the featured girls originate from places all across Asia, including China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, The Philippines and others. A quick look at the latest models added as guest area teasers suggests that we’ve got some impressive meat in here! As far as Asian girls go, these are pretty much top of the line. Playing a couple of movie trailers confirms this as well; apparently we are primarily dealing with high-class hookers here! Just don’t expect any extreme hardcore sex, as the classic two person boy on girl scene seems to be the norm.

John with Asian provider

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Right, off to the member’s area: Designed in a fashion similar to the preview area, the member’s area is divided into three sections: the videos, the pictures and some text. The reading section links to a bunch of anime sites with names such as Hentai Empire and Anime Comic. Especially the former holds an impressive amount of content, and if you’re into cartoons and animated stuff you’ll find a lot to dig into here. Anyway, the main reason anyone would join this site probably wouldn’t be drawings and cartoons. There they are, videos of oriental sluts! At first I’m slightly disappointed by the number of featured models (35), but upon closer inspection this site has been around for less than a year (at time of review). Since the startup, they’ve kept their promise to add a new scene every week, so in another six months, Asian Parade will have over 60 models and scenes. Each such scene contains around 6-10 video clips, where each clip plays for around five minutes. Personally I would have appreciated an option to see the entire movie in one go, but it’s not a major complaint. On a side note, Firefox users are unfortunately unable to see the videos in full screen mode (take note, Asian Parade techs!). Google Chrome does not have this problem, however. Video quality is near DVD standard in 640×480 resolution, and there are also lower resolutions available if your connection speed is slow. As mentioned above, Asian Parade also has a photo section, and it’s a good one. Each scene contains 120-200 images in excellent detail, shown in 800×600 resolution.

It would be hard not to be impressed by the ultra-high quality of both videos and photos on this site. Asian Parade turns people on. These Asians look better than most, perform better than most, and throw off sexier smiles than ever seen Asian chicks do before. Content isn’t ultra-hardcore by any means, but it’s nasty enough to get an erection. Most scenes have a good variety of pussy licking, fellatio, intercourse in various positions and some very well done cumshots. Applaudable the fact that this isn’t just a bunch of Chinese chicks thrown together. Asian Parade’s girls come from all over Asia. Another major reason to pay for this site is all the extras you get. Asian Parade comes in a package of 25 sites, showing everything from pussy licking to brutal gangbangs. You may not like them all, but at least a bunch of them are very likely to impress.