Ass Traffic

Leave it to the guys behind sites such as Sperm Swap and Prime Cups to make an anal site, and you can be certain it’s going to be high quality stuff. One thing is for sure, the preview area doesn’t disappoint, with its professional design and its big and detailed photos of gaping asses. They also offer a bunch of video previews, all 30 seconds long WMV clips in very good quality, quite close to DVD standard. The samples show the girls quickly getting introduced, showing their asses off and having dildos or fingers inserted, followed by rough blowjobs or deepthroats and then going on to the anal and in some cases double penetration scenes before the cumshot usually lands inside the horses’ mouth. At a first glance the variety looks good, there are scenes with between one to three models, some get slapped around or ass-slapped, a lot of them do ass to mouth, there’s both facials and cum swallowing present. Anxious to see the real content, so let’s move on.

Member Area: The member’s area looks pretty neat too and more importantly it’s very easy to navigate. There is a menu at the very top of the page which is accessible from every other page on the site, which means you will be doing a minimum of that annoying back and forth surfing that some other sites will have you do. Essentially, the site is divided into two parts, the Exclusive Movie Archive, and the Bonus Movie Archive. Obviously the first one is what we came here for primarily, so let’s jump into it. The Exclusive archive is divided into no less than 32 pages, and each page contains links to five models/scenes. Each scene, in turn, is split into 8 movie parts of about 3-5 minutes each, making each scene around 30 minutes long. Let’s see, 32*5*30 is 4800 minutes or 80 hours of ass fucking videos – not bad! Add the bonus movies to that (20 pages at five scenes each) and you have around 130 hours of smut to sift through! Actually, though it’s called “Movie” archives, pretty much every set comes with a few hundred photos as well, in 1024×786 resolution and impressive quality. Getting back to the movies, they can be viewed either using streaming video, or be downloaded to your harddrive (MPG format) and watched using your favorite player. Personally I would go for the second option since the quality is superior. Downloads are split into low, med, and high quality video. For a five minute clip, the low quality version is around 9 Mb(256×192 resolution), the med version around 25Mb (320×240) and the high version around 45 Mb (448×336). There is also an ultra high download of the whole scene (ie 30 minutes) WMV file available, which tends to be about 450Mb in 580×384 resolution. With files as big as that, it’s a lucky thing the download speeds are great (I got around 400Kb/s!).

Alright, so what do we think of it? Well, you know these same guys (Perfect Gonzo) are responsible for sites such as SpermSwap and PrimeCups, so my expectations were definitely high. But man, does this site deliver! Hands down, this has to be my favorite site from these guys, and quite possibly my favorite anal site ever! Why is it so good? Extremely beautiful models (ok, not 100% but atleast 80% of them are), very hard and nasty fucking (lots of ass to mouth and mildly degrading stuff), amazingly varied content, chicks from all over the place (eurosluts, american sluts, teen sluts, all kinds really), weekly updates, very impressive amounts of content, great photo, light and camera angles, amazing quality videos plus extremely impressive download speeds, unprotected content, easy to navigate… Yes, it really is that good! Quite a few of the above are true for other Gonzo sites too, but what really makes it stand out is the variety of models (whereas SpermSwap for example tend to go almost exclusively with euro sluts which gets repetitive after a while), the varied content (not formulaic like some other Gonzo sites), and just the sheer quantity of it. Any negative aspects? Maybe that there are no bonus sites included, but then again there is plenty of bonus content inside the site itself so it doesn’t really matter.