Backseat Bangers

We’ve all been there at one point or another, fumbling with our lady of choice in the backseat of our parent’s cars. Since those early days, most of us have moved on to more comfortable playgrounds like sofas and beds. Not so with these guys. Seemingly having never outgrown their early days, these guys still rest comfortably in the back of their vans, hunting for booty, successfully. The Back Seat Bangers promise No porn stars, Just real bitches we pick up and Hot public action all going on in the back seat. The no porn stars part is as always debatable, but at least these girls haven’t performed enough times to actually be recognizable. Always nice to see fresh faces. Some of the chicks are however almost too plain looking, possibly in an attempt to show just how “average” they are. However, if you like your girls to be as much “girl next door”-looking as possible, you probably won’t share these complaints. The latest weekly update has none other but Ron Jeremy doing the backseat acting, and this happy event is shown in a 20 second long high quality preview video, alongside nine other trailers.

The same Ron Jeremy is displayed in all his glory into the member’s area, fortunately not by himself but together with this week’s backseat girl. Supposedly, this site updates with a new girl once a week, and looking at the dates for the latest months of updates, this also seems to be the actual case. Each one of these scenes are represented in two forms: pictures and videos. The former contains between 70 to 120 photos, ordered in chronological (starting with the pick up, ending with the cumshot) order, and the quality of the photographs is excellent. The amateur hardcore resolution could be a bit higher, 800×600 feels a little bit like yesterday’s news. More impressive then are the videos, consisting of 8-10 clips per model and scene, together making up around one hour of video. If you can handle it, recommend to download the highest quality video in 640×480 Windows Media format, but in case your still stuck with your good old dialup connection, there are also lower quality videos available in 320×240 Windows Media and Quick Time format. One thing about this site after having looked through about half of its contents is that although all scenes revolve around fucking in cars, the scenes are reasonably varied, sometimes involving more than one actress or more than one guy, and sometimes even incorporating wellknown legends like good old Ron.

Time to sum up Back Seat Bangers: There’s no question about the fact that this site harbours a lot of content, and it’s all high quality, too. As promised in the guest area, the girls don’t look like regular ponstars but rather like happy amateurs, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you think this is a positive thing. If you’re into natural looking girls and amateur content, you will feel right at home.