Bang Boat

What do you do when you’ve been all over the place, fucking local sluts in vans, buses, backyards, gardens and sleazy apartments? That’s right, you progress to the next stage and take the bitches out on sea! Hopefully these guys will make enough money off this site to launch their two next projects: Bang Plane and Bang Space Shuttle. We can only hope. For now, we have Bang Boat, a celebration of the sun, the sea, and plenty of hardcore action. According to sales texts, the ladies are actually duped into going on this ride, but they seem pretty happy about the situation for someone who’s just been duped! Anyway, the guest area of Bang Boat is a healthy design mix of yellow (sun), blue (sea), and old school pirate talk. That’s right, lots of “Yar!” and “Ye!” are being used in the text descriptions to achieve that truly authentic feeling. The action in here seems pretty varied, often revolving around classic one on one scenes, but equally often showing the girls being penetrated by two or more guys, or having to take on a bunch of black dicks. The sample movie clips are of excellent quality and leaves me wanting more.


Entrance to Boat Bangers

Thinking about it, taking sluts out on a boat isn’t such a bad idea. After all, the surroundings are beautiful, the sun is blazing, and even if the girls don’t really feel like performing there is nowhere to run, so they might just as well have some guys pork dicks in their faces to keep them occupied. Anyway, the first thing I check out inside the member’s area is the movie archive. After all, these days that’s the one part of any site that anyone really cares about, isn’t it? Or maybe there are still some photo connoisseurs out there? In any case, I soon find out that the Bang Boat crew has let an impressive number of sex-hungry chicks board their vessel, since there are no less than 75 scenes to choose from. Each one of these scenes is split into 8-10 five minute clips, which, if we add it up, means there’s more than 70 hours of out at sea fucking in here! Videos are available in two different formats (Windows Media and Quick Time), and two different resolutions (320×240 and 640×480). If your Internet connection can handle it you should definitely go for the highest quality available, since it comes very close to DVD standard. As of now, you can only watch the videos as long as you’re logged into the site. Moving back briefly to the photo section, this one disappoints by showing only vidcaps. Sure, video quality is good enough to pass off as still photos too, but you may just as well watch the movie.

porn on ship

Shaved petite spinner Jada spreads her legs on the boat for a black body builder.

Forgive me for getting caught up in technicalities. You don’t care about resolutions do you, you care about if the meat is any good! Well, it is. Having now seen a majority of the scenes I can sum it up like this:

  • Chicks may not be amazing, but overall they’re pretty hot.
  • There’s a lot more interracial sex than I expected; at least one black guy is more the norm than the exception.
  • Seaside settings and lots of sun makes for interesting lighting.
  • Most girls get at least two dicks stuffed up their orifices.
  • It’s hot shit!

So, there’s the lowdown for you. You have to decide for yourself if you think all that interracial sex is a good thing, but personally I like nothing better than seeing sluts filled up with black dick. Oh, did I mention you get a whole bunch of other sites with your Bang Boat membership? Back Seat Bangers, for example, takes the action to the back of a car, and the other sites feature everything from cumshots to interracial to gangbangs.