Gay College Sex Parties

Whoa! Can’t say my parties back in the days were quite as wild as this, but I wish they were! Gay College Sex Parties gather 10-20 hot and bothered guys for a free booze conference and film this event as it progresses into more and more lewd behaviour. I have to say I love the design of the guest area, which is quite original in its red and orange mix of spaced out graphics and digital polaroid photos. Judging by the photos on the front page, the crowd at these parties is a fairly mixed bunch of people, featuring everything from black studs to white twinks and face-painted sissies. The one common factor would be that they’re all young, beautiful and going to college. Actually, some of the photos also show a few girls attending these parties as well. Unless there’s some bi action going on at Gay College Sex Parties as well, I guess they’re just there to look? We shall see. Gay College Sex Parties guest area offers a bunch of sample videos, which we obviously can’t miss out on. 20 seconds long and showing in 640×480 resolution, these trailers give a fairly good idea of what the site is about. Some of the clips feature mostly two guys doing the fucking and the rest mainly watching and masturbating, while other scenes have almost all the party-goers involved in a massive orgy! As nice as the sample movies are though, they’re only teaser material. Time to check out the member’s area!

Once inside, I’m not going to waste any time. Let’s face it, what everyone wants to see is the exclusive video material. Let us check it out before getting into bonus curiosities such as the Reading Room and its gay cartoons. Having been around since early 2006, about 60 college parties have been arranged and shot to this date. Gay College Sex Parties has promised to add a new orgy scene every week, and so far they have stayed true to their word. Each of the 60 scenes contain about an hour of video, so you’re going to be in here for quite some time if you want to watch it all. In fact, with the weekly updates coming in plus all the bonus gay sites you get access to (more about that later), you might actually find it hard to keep up with the rapid growth. Videos can be shown in three formats: 320×240 Windows Media, 320×240 Real Media, or 640×480 Windows Media. Unless you’re stuck with a crappy connection I don’t see any reason to pick anything but the last one. One thing that bothers me a bit is that you can’t watch a whole scene in one go since scenes are split into 5 minute parts. Not a major complaint, but I wouldn’t mind being able to just start the thing and sit back without having to bother about switching between clips.

Since I feel like I’ve already covered the bad things about Gay College Sex Parties (no continuous video play and not the most impressive video resolutions), let’s talk about the good instead. There is a lot of that, actually! These college parties are simply wild beyond belief and it’s great to see the participants having so much fun (while moaning like whores)! I like the interracial mix of college boys and I love the enthusiasm present among the party goers (or is it the alcohol?). Somehow I believe that these horny fuckers don’t even get paid to be on camera, they’re probably just there for the cocks! And what happened to the girls I saw in the guest area? Luckily there were no signs of them in the member’s area – I really don’t care for bi sex anyway. What else can I say about Gay College Sex Parties? Oh, remember me talking about bonus sites? Gay College Sex Parties comes bundled with a whole bunch of quite appealing extras: Twinks For Cash, His First Gay Sex, His First Huge Cock, His First Facial, Gay Blind Date Sex, etc. Definitely, one of the most impressive gay site packages.