Give Me Pink Review

Perfect Gonzo doing softcore, I must admit I haven’t seen that before. Can the makers of successful hardcore sites such as Ass Traffic, SpermSwap and Tamed Teens produce some high quality pussy spreading as well? Let’s find out! The preview area looks great at least, I’ll have to give them that, as we get to see sample photos of what the girls are up to inside the member’s area. Oh, and if I didn’t state this clearly enough already – this site is about pussy! Judging by the samples, the girls are busy showing off and spreading their pussy lips wide in front of the camera, followed by dildo, anal balls, and other kinds of insertions. Some of the ladies apparently like sticking stuff up their butt as well, can’t say I mind! In addition, there are scenes which appear to be slightly more kinky, involving such acts as peeing on the floor or spraying milk all over their bodies and licking it off. All in all, the act seem to be pretty varied. The sample movie clips, of which there are 10 or so, are all 30 seconds in length and show some short cut striptease and pussy spreading in excellent 640×480 resolution.

genital zoomThe member’s area goes in pink in contrast to the mostly white colors used in the preview area, but I must say I like both designs so it’s a win-win situation. Give Me Pink consists of two main sections, the exclusive movie archive and the bonus movie archive. The exclusive archive is divided into no less than 22 pages, and each page contains links to five models/scenes. Then each scene is split into 8 movie parts of about 3-5 minutes each, making each scene about 30 minutes long. That’s quite a lot of video material as we shall see, as 22 times 5 times 30 minutes is 3300 minutes or 60 hours of the finest quality pussy videos. Added to that is the bonus movies (10 pages, five scenes each) and we get around 90 hours of porn! In addition, though the sections are called “Movie” archives, every set actually comes with photos as well, a few hundred of them in 1024×786 resolution and impressive quality. Getting back to the movies, they can be viewed either using streaming video, or be downloaded to your hard drive (MPG format) and watched using your favorite player. The second option is preferable since the quality is superior. Downloads types are either low, med, or high quality video. For a five minute clip, the low quality version is around 9 Mb(256×192 resolution), the med version around 25Mb (320×240) and the high version around 45 Mb (448×336). There is also an ultra high download of the whole scene (ie 30 minutes) WMV file available, which tends to be about 450Mb in 580×384 resolution. With files that big, it’s a good thing thing download speeds are great.

Jimena Lago

Lusty porn starlet Jimena Lago spreads her legs while inserting sextoy.

Great pussy videos, nasty photos, lots of content? Well, right you are! It would actually be hard to find something to complain about here, as long as you are not looking for hardcore and fucking which you won’t find any of in here. The one thing that’s really spectacular about Give Me Pink is the quality of the girls: I mean most of these chicks are simply awesome! Most of them seem to come from eastern European countries and as we all know that part of the world is shock full of gorgeous babes. Sometimes eastern European sluts tend to have a lack of personality though, but I didn’t think that was the case here with a few exceptions. Of course, their English isn’t the best;  don’t expect any Shakespeare recitings (in fact, don’t expect much talking at all). Anyway, I’m off to jerk off some more to that fine pussy – see you there.