Baristas and bar tenders are not meant when talking about bargirls. Not even sluts who hang out in watering holes to be treated for drinks and taken out drunk are meant. Here, bargirls stands for a slang expression used in expat Engrish predominantly in Asian countries. Over in Thailand, Philippines, Japan and Korea there is a prostitution scheme going on where they call prostitutes bargirls. They work in bars as dancers and waitresses and wait for customers to pick them up for a fee that is levied upon them exiting the work space: Barfine.

Asian bargirls are nothing but escorts and bars are basic escort shops. Unlike in the Western World you don’t call an agency to order them, but you go inside a bar aka escort shop to see who you like best. Pick the one you like over a drink and take her out for a barfine if she agrees. That’s easy.

Hot Pick: Asian Bargirl Amateurs

The lifestyle associated with bargirls and barfines has a name too: Bar Hopping. Just like a butterfly a customer hops from one bar to the next and from one girl to the next. It’s fun. The chicks will therefore call a customer a Butterfly. And if he doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, they will call the frugal John a “Cheap Charlie” or “Koripot”. Who would not want to be called that? Having cheap booze and pussy every day and saving money? Life can be good. Now, you just gotta do some basic planning and save some money to fly over there just like that John Tron guy who went to Angeles City and Mandaue in The Philippines.

Angeles City Bars: Pictures of Filipina Bar Girls

Two bikini clad dancers from Pattaya

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