The women of The Philippines are a breed for themselves. While they are from Asia they are a lot different from lets say Thais or Koreans. Culturally, the differences are found in 2 particulars: Firstly, The Philippines are the only Asian country that is predominantly Christian, in particular Roman Catholic. Secondly, the people have had a very strong influx of Hispanic genes while the Islands have been conquered and dominated by Spanish military for centuries. Of course there are other influences that set them apart, but those two are the ones that stick out.

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How does that reflect on the women in a pornographic context? First of all, Filipinas (as they call female Filipinos) look a lot different. They are not as slim as other Asians, they have shorter legs, slightly bigger bums and hips and in many cases they do carry larger breasts then Thais, Indonesians and Japanese women for example. With age and the cultural lack of athletic activities Pinays gain a lot of body weight. Combined with their love for sweets and junk food it builds a stark contrast to the people of other Asean countries.


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The country has been occupied twice by brutal Japanese military in the past and were then freed by American forces who brought them freedom and a new lifestyle. That’s why Filipinos love Americans. They always greet white foreigners with “Hey, Joe!” because they hope to make a new friend from the USA. This affection has led to a wide spread of English language in The Philippines.

Filipinas are respected as caring women all over the World as being nannies, mail order brides, nurses and maids. Of course that makes the appear high on the list of exotic chicks men desire. Their beauty has been on the top list of Miss World beauty pageants aka Miss World Philippines (link) of decades.The current princess of the world is Laura Victoria Lehmann.

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