My Sex Tour

Pink Visual have a reputation for creating high quality reality sites, and this one is no exception. The concept of My Sex Tour is to take two sex starved guys in their late 20’s to early 30’s and have them tour Europe looking for hot euro sluts to fuck. Of course, only a total doofus would believe that this site is “real” and that the pickups are anything but staged encounters with local euro hookers, but hey – I like to fantasize too, so I’ll take it! Besides, euro sluts (and if you didn’t know already, “euro” as a porn term mostly refers to the Eastern part of Europe) are among the hottest women you can find on this planet. A little shaky when it comes to speaking English perhaps, but there’s nothing shaky about the way they handle those dicks! I wouldn’t say My Sex Tour’s design impresses me a lot (grey and pink?), but the actual girls on display, on the other hand, are a feast for the eye. Supposedly I should be able to see some sample clips of said ladies in action, but for some reason the links saying “See my video samples” take me straight to the signup page instead. Disappointing obviously, but that means I’m even more lucky to be sitting on a valid password – let’s go inside!

mysextour websiteOnce inside things are looking pretty good, but unfortunately the number of scenes available is slightly disappointing. There are currently exactly 40 of them, each containing video footage lasting between 20 minutes to an hour (available in QuickTime and Windows Media format in three different qualities with DVD being the highest). 40 scenes isn’t too bad , but some Pink Visual sites are with as many as 200 and more. The actual content of the videos in here are most certainly cock-hardening though, as a lot of these European whores look really great with cumshots! Typically they take on two guys at the same time and have their mouths and cunts penetrated, while a good amount also take a cock or two up their ass. One thing that bothers me a bit is that, as far as I can tell, there is no way to actually download these movie clips to your own computer. This doesn’t pose a problem as long as you stay a member, but if you cancel you won’t be able to watch any of these movies anymore. I can see why the site owners want to protect their material, but none the less most pay sites these days allow you to download files to your local drive. Another slightly puzzling thing is that the whole concept of the site seems to have gradually shifted from “pick a girl up off the street” to “girl coming in for a medical examination”. Not that I really care much about background story anyway, but it’s a little weird how recent scenes all feature doctors all of a sudden. There was also a real movie as seen on imdb.

Ok, time to sum things up. First of all, I have to make one thing clear. If My Sex Tour was the only thing I would get access to as a member, I would not recommend joining this site. Sure, a lot of the material in here is awesome and many of the euro sluts are absolutely stunning, but I just don’t think there is enough material available to warrant a full membership. Fortunately, My Sex Tour is only one of a 30+ package of smut filled sites that you get access to once you become a member (actually, you can sign up to any of these sites and get access to the rest automatically). Many of these so called “bonus” sites contain a lot more material than My Sex Tour, and i do mean a lot – many of them coming close to over 200 hours of video each! You won’t find any exclusively euro oriented material at these other sites, but there are definitely many european sluts mixed up with the rest of the performers. Sites such as Couples Seduce Teens, College Wild Parties, Teens For Cash, Milf Seeker and Back Seat Bangers will have you jerking off for months to come! Hopefully I’ve made my point by now, but just to reiterate in case you missed it: as one site – probably not worth it, as part of Pink Visual’s kick-ass package – totally worth it!

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