New Sensations

According to what’s being said in the guest area of, this site has been around for 7 years. All this time, there have been constant updates and exclusive shootings of porn, supposedly making it one of the leaders in hardcore pornstar entertainment. Call me retarded, but although I’ve seen the name mentioned a number of times, I’ve never checked NewSensations out before now. I guess it’s about time! My first impression of the graphics and design is excellent, with classy, slick design in fire related colors and a chick bending over showing her pussy in a perfectly appetizing manner. NewSensations are obviously proud of their girls, stating that they’re all perfect 10’s and the most exclusive women in the world. Sales texts aside, from what I can tell looking at pictures and sample videos in the guest area, there really are some fine-looking chicks featured in here, and the standard does seem to be noticeably above the average. The sample clips are in excellent quality too, approaching DVD quality. Curious to see if the members area can live up to all these promises, I continue to the login page.

Surprisingly tame design is my unfortunate first thought upon entering the members area. Not only are the firey colors replaced by a pretty bland blue, but there’s more text than pictures too. On the other hand, the site seems jam packed with content, including exclusive girls sets, live shows, behind the scenes footage, flash games, and a huge Peter North section! I also notice there are over 20 bonus sites included with the New Sensations membership, and a quick look at a few of them confirms that these are pretty high quality sites too. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit impressed by now, bland blue colors or not. Now for content on the main site… well, where do I start? First of all, I am actually unable to even count the number of exclusive girls. Let’s just say that the letter A (featuring such nice ladies as Ashley Blue and Aurora Snow) has more than 40 girls, so take that times 25 and you would be somewhere close. Each girl, in turn, typically feat ures in 4-10 scenes, and each scene contains somewhere around 6-12 clips. Yes, you get the picture, there is a lot of stuff in here! Videos are typically available in Real Video and Windows Media format, around 3 minutes long, and come in two different qualities. Unfortunately movie quality seems a bit hit and miss at first, with a lot of scenes in DVD-quality but other supposed “high quality” clips being only in 320×240 resolution. After surfing around for a while I realize all newly added clips have a DVD quality version, but some of the older material (before the broadband days, I suppose) don’t.

Continuing to check out behind the scene clips, photo sections, Peter North cumshots and so on, I come to the conclusion that NewSensations can be summed up like this: amazing quantity, very good quality. If I was to pick anything speaking against the site it would be that download speed isn’t always the best, at times causing too long waits. Maybe this site simply has too many surfers trying to download at once, and I can see why, with the amazing amount of material in here! However, if you can live with this, there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from joining NewSensations. If you want a lot of porn in one single place, this is it! If you want to see all your favorite pornstars performing in exclusive scenes, this is it! And that’s all I have to say about that.

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