Review of Throated

This is a rough one! These girls have big cocks rammed down their throats until they gag and choke and their mascara is running all over their faces. What else could be expected with a name like Also known as “The Deepthroat Challenge”, Throated makes sure that any woman confident enough to take on the challenge of appearing on this site will get a lesson about throat expanding oral fucking that they won’t forget any time soon. The preview pictures in the preview section of Throated shows some truly inspirational deep-throat fucking and the preview clips are no less inspiring. Lasting about 30 seconds and showing in high-quality 640×480 resolution, the sample movies contain a mix of teasing and stripping followed by rapid shots of intense face fucking action. The site’s mix of red and yellowish colors are fairly pleasing to the eye as well, which leads me to believe there is no reason why I shouldn’t proceed into the member’s area to see the full thing.



Said and done, we’ve stepped inside. To my utter enjoyment, Ashley Blue seems to be the latest girl to have been throated. She’s kinda old in the game these days, but she’s still a favorite of mine. One thing that really stands out here are the scene descriptions, which is the first thing you see once you’re inside the Member’s area. Supposedly they are written by a female, who does her very best to introduce the throat fucked girls in a sexy yet casual manner, and I must admit she does her job well. Anyway, on to the scenes and the actual material, which is all that anybody really cares about at the end of the day. So, the Ashley Blue scene consists of 20 minute full force throat expanding action, which can be down- loaded in four different qualities and two different formats (Mpg and Windows Media), ranging from Low Quality 50 Mb 320×240 to the superior DVD-quality 200 Mb 640×480 resolution. In addition, there is also 133 photos of the same girl, shown in excellent 1500×1100 resolution. Looking around a bit reveals that some sets have the same scene in the video and the photos, whereas others (such as the Ashley Blue one) show separate scenes. All in all, there is currently a selection of 120 scenes to enjoy, which means there is somewhere between 50-60 hours of oral gagging action in here! Most of the girls get right down to it within a minute from the scene starting so there is certainly no shortage of actual oral penetration!

Is it getting a bit much? Yes I know it must be pretty obvious that I like this site a lot, but heck, it’s not every day I get to review a porn site that comes really close to exactly what I want! Let me sum it up for you: dangerously hot girls engaged in lewd and degrading acts of throat expansion! Yet, as submissive as the sluts of are, this site never steps over the line to become what I would consider gross and over the top; for example, there is no puking (which I personally absolutely hate seeing) and there is no (or at least very little) slapping. Obviously, to enjoy this site as much as I do, you have to be an oral fanatic, because after all that is all you are going to get from Throated. Not a single anal or vaginal penetration as far as I could see, which is fine by me. It would also be hard to complain about either quality or quantity of this site. Weekly updates and 60 hours of DVD-quality material of the finest throat fucking out there is hard to beat! In addition to all this, you get access to 7 other very high quality sites featuring everything from facials to anal to shared cock sucking.