Wild Fuck Toys Review

Call me a grammar Nazi, but how can you misspell words in your site’s header? You know, the part that is displayed in really big, bold letters at the top of the page and is supposed to introduce new surfers to the site? It’s “regularly”, not “regulary”, ok? Now, how do I pick things up with a review starting like that? I’m sorry, but as a reviewer I feel an obligation to complain about *something*, and there really isn’t much else to nag about here. Let’s discuss the overall theme instead. Over the last couple of years it appears that the idea of “fucking machines” has become more and more popular, and Wild Fuck Toys caters to that audience. The objects used here range from weird-looking dildos to electricity-driven, throbbing industrial machines, and I would imagine coming up with all these things must be a lot of fun! But why would these girls want to use these things in the first place? Turns out that they’re coming in for a medical examination, and these fuck toys are what the doctor recommends to take care of various problems. Now that’s what I call a quack! Anyway, the sample videos I watch are pretty cool and the girls on display ain’t bad either, so I quickly continue into the Member’s area for some more of those machine-induced orgasms.

Tour page preview

The member’s section looks similar to the guest area, with one notable difference: now we can access all the good stuff! 63 girls have seen the doctor and his machines since the site was started back in 2005, and with a few exceptions a new scene/girl has been added every single week during this period. Each scene contains around 6-10 video clips, where each clip plays for around five minutes. It would have been nice having the option to see the entire movie in one go, but it’s not a major complaint. By the way, if you’re a Firefox users such as me, you won’t be able to see the videos in full screen mode. Internet Explorer users, supposedly still constituting the majority of surfers, won’t have this problem though. Video quality is near DVD standard in 640×480 resolution, and there are also lower resolutions available if your connection speed is slow. Wild Fuck Toys also has a photo section, which is actually quite good. Each scene contains 120-200 images in 800×600 resolution, and even though the resolution isn’t terribly impressive by today’s standards, the photos are still quite sharp and detailed.

Conclusion: So, what’s good about this site and what isn’t? Video quality could be a bit better and the streaming format of videos unfortunately means that clips cannot be downloaded to your local machine. Obviously this means that you can only view the material as long as you stay a member of the site. I have noted though that Top Bucks, the producer of this site and many other quality reality sites have started adding both HD videos and downloadable content to parts of their network, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this development also reached Wild Fuck Toys in a not too distant future. However, HD quality or not, Wild Fuck Toys is an excellent porn site! What makes it that way are the girls, who are not only beautiful but also extremely enthusiastic about being experimented on! There is a feeling of truly enjoying the scenes among the participating girls which is very inspiring. Maybe this doctor actually does know what he’s doing after all? In any case, Wild Fuck Toys is highly recommended if you’re into female masturbation aided by strange machines, and if you ever grow tired of it there are more than 30 bonus sites you can access as part of the same deal – good value for money if you ask.

Tour Page: www.wildfucktoys.com